How To Shuck an Oyster

Learn how to shuck an oyster using the steps and tutorials shared below. There are multiple ways to shuck an oyster, so find the method most comfortable for you. The more you shuck, the better you'll be, and you'll be a shuckin' pro in no time, you'll see!

Shuck With an Overhand Grip

We recommend shucking with an overhand grip because it is safer and easier. Read the steps below or watch a few tutorials demonstrating the overhand grip method.


For a more in-depth overview, watch Daniel Notkin, Oysterologist and Shucking Champion, explain it step-by-step below.


Shuck With an Underhand Grip

If you are on-the-go or no flat surface is available, shucking with an underhand grip is another option. Although it can be slightly trickier for a novice, the fundamental concepts of opening an oyster are the same.